School Profile

Clay Middle School, a state-recognized Four-Star School, is located in Carmel, Indiana, just north of Indianapolis.  Carmel is an upper-middle class community in Hamilton County with residents who value stability and have high educational expectations for their children.

The result is an environment where schools are well equipped, class sizes are reasonable, and students are expected to learn. Students in all grade levels, including students who are physically handicapped or learning disabled, utilize these facilities.

Over the past ten years we have faced the challenge of being among the fastest growing counties in the nation. 

We are a part of the Carmel-Clay School Corporation which is comprised of ten K-5 schools, three middle schools, and one high school.  The district serves more than 12,500 students.

Todd Crosby, Principal

Todd Crosby, Principal-Todd_Crosby_Portrait

Mission Statement

Clay Middle School staff and parents will collaborate to provide all students a successful and meaningful experience to bridge the gap between elementary school and high school.

  • Building
  • Respect and responsibility for
  • Individual achievement and
  • Development while
  • Growing through teamwork,
  • Exploration, and high expectations