YHBA Contest

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The purpose of the Young Hoosier Book Award Program is to stimulate recreational reading among elementary and middle school/junior high school children and to encourage cooperation between administrators, school media specialists, teachers, public libraries, and the community in providing reading experiences for Indiana school children.

Student participation in pleasure reading was the thrust behind the creation of Young Hoosier Book Award (YHBA) Program in 1974-75. By allowing students to vote for their favorite books, media professionals hoped that more students could be motivated to read more newly published books. 4,681 students helped to chose E.B. White's Trumpet of the Swan as the award's first winner. Last year more than 73,000 students throughout the state voted for their favorite book.

Clay's 6th grade through 8th grade classes now participate in the contest every year!  Students must fill out an entry slip with their name, the title of the book and a parent signature. Once a month, an entry slip is drawn for a prize. At the end of the year, the students that have read 5 or more books will be invited to the Young Hoosier Book Award voting party. Their votes will be added to the many other students voting all over Indiana to decide which book will win the yearly award.