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The middle school years can be a difficult transition time for both students and parents. The Parent Library is a wonderful and free resource for Creekside parents to learn more about how to help their children through the many academic, social, and emotional transitions that come with early adolescence. Click on the link below to find great information on building learning strategies for all subjects, boosting study and test taking skills, motivating your child to do their best, increasing responsibility and accountability in your child, and effective discipline through the middle school years.


The Parent Institute Library

Stress and anxiety, on some level, are always present in the lives of a middle school student. Students feel stress and anxiety about their academics, relationships with friends and family members, physical appearance, and the expectations placed on them in all these areas. For further information and practical strategies on how parents can better support their students struggling with any level of stress and/or anxiety, please look at the following links.

National Association of School Psychologists: Anxiety in Children

National Association of School Psychologists: Stress in Children

Recently, social workers from St. Vincent visited Creekside to give a presentation to parents about anxiety, a common issue in adolescents. The link below sends you to their Power Point presentation.

Adolescent Anxiety Powerpoint

Breathing Exercises