Carmel Learning Center

CLC Overview

The Carmel Learning Center (CLC) offers a family atmosphere by using individual online credit programs for each of its students. The CLC staff monitors progress and offers both teaching and inspiration as they interact with the students on a constant basis.

Students come to the CLC after referral by their high school counselor or administrator. Each student brings his or her own story as to how the CLC will help him or her obtain a high school diploma. For most, the learning-style change makes this dream become reality. Individual counseling and life skills seminars complement the atmosphere of personal worth and academic success. 

Some students attend half of their day at the CLC and the remaining time at J Everett Light Career Center or at work in the community. The work-study program allows CLC students to work and gain elective credits towards graduation by completing hourly and academic standards.

The CLC offers classes that allow a student to recover credits in Math, Science, English, Social Studies and Health. The curriculum at the center is evolving much like the entire program. The CLC continues to strive to meet the student where he or she might be and take them to the next level.

Branding the CLC

    CLC is a fantastic school for students looking for academic success, inspiration, and opportunities. We provide extra help and support for kids who stuggle in a larger environment, either socially or academically. CLC allows students to work at their own pace through an online computer program and still earn required credits as you would at the high school.

    On November 11, 2016, the Carmel Education Foundation awarded the CLC a grant of $442.61. We plan on using this grant to create a brand for the CLC. Branding the CLC will not only make our school look better, but a school banner, along with posters, will brighten up our sterile gray entry walls.

    We recently completed a logo contest at the CLC. The student who created the most appropriate and inspirational logo recieved a graduation package to cover the cost of a cap and gown and 20 announcements.

    With this year's focus on serving the social and emotional needs of our students, placing a yard sign in the front of our building each day a student graduates will build a tradition to encourage pride in our school and a sense of belonging. By the end of this project the CLC will be a place where students enjoy coming to and graduating from.

Official CLC Logo

This educational project funded by Carmel Education Foundation. Logo created by contest winner Joseph Emmert.

Official CLC Logo-Logo_short


 Sally McDougal 

CLC Director


Kelly Douglas



John Travison



 Linda Jones



  Julia Cummins

Instructional Assistant


 Kate Kniefel

Social Worker


 Bettina Cool

Academic Counselor







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