Exploring Educational Excellence
in Carmel’s Public Schools



The CCS Expedition is an exclusive program that invites  influential Carmel community leaders to participate in an extended dialogue with the Carmel Clay Schools Corporation.

The purpose of this program is for participants to:

1.       Gain first-hand knowledge of Carmel Clay Schools

2.      Enjoy two-way communication with school leadership

3.      Experience the educational excellence that has propelled Carmel Clay Schools to be a high-achieving school district

In eight monthly sessions, Expedition participants go “behind the scenes” of Carmel Clay Schools to meet the people who are responsible for programs and services and see specifically how the Corporation creates a climate of success for its student population.

Sessions focus on specific areas of operations - from elementary school to high school, the classroom to the transportation facility, and buildings to balance sheets – and involve small group discussions, hands-on activities, tours, shadowing, guided observation, and a minimal amount of lecture.

For more information about the program, please contact Courtney Taylor.

Expedition Liaison

Jennifer Goodspeed

Jennifer plays a critical role in the CCS Expedition as she is not only the MC who keep us on schedule, she is the very important liaisons between our community participants and the schools.

Participants are encouraged to contact Jennifer with questions, comments, and/or suggestions about the CCS Expedition.

Request to Participate

If you would like to participate in the next Expedition, please email Courtney Taylor.