Employee Discount Program

In a partnership with our community, Carmel Clay Schools provides a password protected website where employees can find discounts provided by appropriate local retailers for their appreciation of employees who are dedicating their lives to the education of children.  These offers will not be distributed to students and their families.

Carmel Clay Schools does not endorse these vendors, simply makes the opportunities available to staff members.

The Director of Human Resources will review vendor requests.  Requests which are approved will be placed on the password protected website.

To request approval for your business to be included on the website please send an email to the Director of Human Resources which contains the following information:

  • In the Subject line type "Request to be included on the Employee Discount page"
  • Include the name and location of the business offering the service.
  • Include a one to two sentence summary of the offer including the expiration date.  (This will be included on the website.) 
  • Include any necessary forms, discount cards, or coupons, that you are requesting to post in PDF format. Only one document will be posted. If the document is not received as a PDF it will not be included on the website.  If the offer expires make sure the expiration date is included on these documents.
  • Include a name, phone number and email address of the contact person for this offer.

When your offer has been approved you will be notified. You will not be able to view the website we provide to our staff.



To be considered for inclusion on this page, please submit a PDF copy of your offer to:

Amy Scher
Human Resources
Carmel Clay Schools
5201 E. Main Street
Carmel, IN 46033