Classroom Parties

Classroom Parties


PTO sponsors a classroom party in the Fall (end of October) and in the Winter (February) for all grades.  These are yearly events and typically happen at the end of the school day in your child's classroom.  PTO provides snacks for all students and the Head Room Parents organize the party activities and gather volunteers to help in the classroom on the day of the party.  It's a great way to see your child having fun and spend time in his/her classroom!


Important Message from the School Nurse


The Fall Party in your child’s classroom is quickly approaching.  We would like to share information with you regarding the snack that will be served.  The classrooms will be serving plain sugar cookies and some classrooms will be using icing to decorate them on their own.  The ingredient lists for these items are attached for your viewing. If your child cannot have the sugar cookie or icing because of food allergies, please inform the nurses.  An alternative allergy free snack can be arranged; or you can send your own snack in with your child.  The beverage that will be served will be either Sprite or Water for grades 3 through 5.  Kindergarten and 1st grades will receive Capri Suns instead of Sprite.

Food Allergy Badge-food-allergy-badge

The PTO works closely with our Registered School Nurse to provide snack information for parents of  students with allergies, special diets, and food intolerances.

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