Student Services Coordinator

My name is Kelli Jones and I am the Student Services Coordinator here at West Clay Elementary.  I obtained my undergraduate degree from Butler University and Master’s Degree in Social Work from Indiana University.  My husband and I live in Carmel and my daughter attends Carmel High School.  Being a product of the Carmel-Clay School system myself, I am thrilled to be working in this district. 

I am excited to be at West Clay Elementary surrounded by great families, students, and staff.   My goal is to be a liaison between parents, teachers, and students.  I strive to be easily accessible to all students and parents.  Students can visit me by simply asking to talk with me or by filling out a request slip.  I visit classrooms often and engage with students frequently throughout the day.  Parents are welcome to contact me by phone or email using the contact information noted below or on our website.  I truly look forward to working with all West Clay students and families!

Please feel free to come by my office or contact me at any time with questions.

Wishing you a great school year!

Kelli Jones, MSW, LSW


Kelli can be reached at:
West Clay Elementary
ext. 2208