Hot Box Night - Wednesday!


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Online Directory

We are in the process of updating West Clay’s online directory. For those of you new to the school, we use a company called MySchoolAnywhere. All data is stored behind firewalls and can only be accessed by authorized users with a validated username and encrypted password.  All data is viewed and passed using SSL encryption. This directory allows you to search by student’s first name, last name, grade or teacher. You can create your own custom list of frequently called families and you can access the directory from any internet connected device (e.g., your computer, smart phone, iPad, etc.)

As of 9/15 - The confirmation period has expired and an email has been sent allowing access to the directory. MySchoolAnywhere will provide a temporary password for you, which you can then change to one you want. At this time information will also be provided on how to download the MySchoolAnywhere app on your iPhone or Android.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Trisha Mulligan at



West Clay Elementary PTO


Making West Clay Elementary

a Great Place for our Kids to Thrive!!!

The WCE PTO goal is to promote the best education and educational environment for our children by providing a channel through which students, parents, teachers and administrators can support and enhance our school mission.  Together, we sponsor and coordinate many events, programs, projects and curriculum that support that mission. You can support WCE by making a donation for our fundraising effort (click here for more information), donating your time (click here for more information) or through in-kind donations for various activities and events. When parents, teachers, students and staff work together, the possibilities are endless! We look forward to an exciting and rewarding school year!



Please Signup to volunteer during lunch hours while ISTEP is being administered.  Click here for available slots. 


School Calendar approved through 2018



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